At the Law Office of Zachary Bidner, we recognize the complexities and implications of theft and property crime charges. Whether you’re facing allegations of theft, burglary, or related offenses, our dedicated legal team is here to provide effective representation. This section outlines the nuances of theft and property crimes, the legal process, and how our experienced attorneys can vigorously defend your rights.

Types of Theft and Property Crimes

Theft Offenses

Theft offenses in Texas can range from misdemeanor shoplifting to felony charges for embezzlement or grand theft. Understanding the specific elements of each offense is crucial for building a robust defense strategy.


Burglary involves entering a building or habitation with the intent to commit a theft or another felony. The severity of burglary charges varies, and our team is well-versed in addressing the complexities of these cases.


Robbery goes beyond theft, involving the use of force or threat to take someone else’s property. Our attorneys are experienced in defending clients facing robbery charges and can craft a strategic defense tailored to your case.

Criminal Mischief

Criminal mischief charges encompass damaging or tampering with another person’s property. From vandalism to property destruction, our legal team is prepared to advocate for your rights and challenge the allegations against you.

Penalties for Theft and Property Crimes

The penalties for theft and property crimes depend on factors such as the value of stolen property, the use of force, and prior criminal history. Our attorneys are adept at navigating the varying degrees of charges and developing defense strategies to mitigate potential consequences.

Defense Strategies

The Law Office of Zachary Bidner employs a proactive and strategic approach to theft and property crime cases. We investigate the circumstances, challenge evidence, and craft a defense tailored to the specific details of your case. Whether through negotiation or litigation, our goal is to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

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