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Attorney Zachary Bidner brings a wealth of expertise to the field of domestic violence with many years of specialized experience. As a prosecutor, he served as the supervising attorney in domestic violence at the Travis County Attorney’s Office, showcasing his dedication to addressing this critical issue. During his tenure, he not only handled numerous domestic violence cases but also trained and supervised others, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the legal nuances involved in family violence on both felony and misdemeanor levels.

Having successfully tried many domestic violence cases to a jury, Zachary Bidner leverages this invaluable experience to meticulously analyze the facts, challenge evidence, and construct a robust defense strategy tailored to your unique situation. His multifaceted background as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney provide a well-rounded perspective that enhances his ability to navigate the complexities of domestic violence cases.

Throughout the challenging legal process, the Law Office of Zachary Bidner prioritizes clear communication, ensuring that you are well-informed and actively involved in your defense. If you are confronting domestic violence charges, trust Attorney Zachary Bidner to stand by you. His extensive experience and commitment to this area of law make him a formidable advocate for your defense. The Law Office of Zachary Bidner is dedicated to navigating the legal complexities of domestic violence cases with unwavering commitment, advocating for your rights, and working towards the best possible outcome.

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