Zachary Bidner is a seasoned criminal defense attorney with a dedicated focus on safeguarding the interests and liberties of his clients. Zachary graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2010 and completed his law degree in 2013 from the University of Oklahoma College of Law. With over a decade of criminal law experience, Zachary honed his skills across a spectrum of cases, from DWI to high-stakes murder trials. In total, Zachary has tried over fifty jury trials.

Starting as a prosecutor in New Mexico and later in Travis County, Zachary built a solid foundation handling a diverse caseload that included serious felonies. Specializing in domestic violence and sexual assault cases, he has handled numerous complex cases, demonstrating his proficiency in navigating legal intricacies.

Zachary’s unique insight into the strategies employed by prosecutors empowers him to craft robust defense strategies, ensuring that every client receives a strong and well-informed representation.

Licensed to practice law in both Texas and New Mexico, Zachary Bidner stands ready to fight for you as your advocate, bringing a decade of legal expertise to ensure your rights are defended.